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Juan Carlos Romerawas born in Guatemala. It is Ajq'ij. What is an Ajq'ij? This Mayan word can be translated as "the one who works with the days". It refers to a person who knows the Ancient Tradition (Ojer Tzij), the Sacred Calendar (Cholq'ij), its ceremonies and practices. 

He was initiated as an Ajq'ij by Tata Otto Orellana Acajabón, a member of the Guatemalan Council of Mayan Elders. For twelve years he has been dedicated to the investigation and dissemination of Mayan Ancestral Wisdom, organizing international meetings between indigenous peoples, giving conferences and courses internationally. 

He is founder and president of theKab'awil Association, whose objective is to support and promote community well-being in those Mayan villages that still preserve their traditions and ancestral knowledge. 

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