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The Family Matrix

The practice of honoring the ancestors is essential in your process of personal and spiritual growth. TheFamily Matrixis the map that guides this work. It is a study that determines which are the nahuales of thesacred calendarthat transmit the influence of your ancestors to you. This facilitates the performance of ceremonies on auspicious days in order to purify, activate and integrate this influence into your life.

TheFamily MatrixHe will show you:
  • Thenahualesthat transmit the energy and ancestral information to you.
  • Heinfluence typethat they transmit to you and how they affect your life.
  • The dates in which you can change an influence or enhance it as you see fit.
  • Spiritual work proposals to modify or enhance the ancestral transmission
constelaciones familiares
How is information transferred?
deuna generation to another?

It is a bioenergetic transfer. We are not just the fruit of genetic material. We are wrapped in a field of subtle energy that contains the memory of theFAMILY MATRIX.


This memory injects our personality with the virtues and defects of our ancestors. No.It pushes you to repeat situations experienced by them, regardless of whether they are favorable to us or not.

ancient healing

Much of our adverse situations and the suffering they bring comes from not honoring our ancestors. From the ancestors we receive their benefits, but also their suffering.


Said suffering must be purified so that the received virtues favor us and bless our daily circumstances.

"Healing the FAMILY MATRIX improves and solves our life as a couple, family, work and economic situation, as well as physical and mental health"

constelaciones familiares

"The family is the expression of a network of energy and information that seeks to balance itself.


For this reason we bequeath to the descendants not only virtues, but also unresolved problems, defects and offenses against life that we have to cure"


Tata Otto Orellana Acajabón

Sacred Fire Ceremony
The rite Mayan Ancestral Medicine

  TheSacred Fire CeremonyIt is the main ancestral medicine of the Mayan spiritual culture. Through it we come into contact with the spiritual forces of the Sacred Calendar


   This allows us to reprogram the information inherited from our ancestors, neutralize any negative charge and activate the ancestral virtues that favor our human development and well-being,

Investigation of the FAMILY MATRIX
through the Mayan Calendar - Cholq'ij

The Mayan Sacred Calendar keeps the secret of theFamily Matrix. The transfer of energy and information from one generation to another is carried out by one of the spiritual forces cataloged in said calendar. These forces are called  nahuales


Through an analysis based on the dates of birth of parents, grandparents and people involved in our lives, it is possible to find thespiritual or nahual forces that transfer and maintain the information that generates our suffering.


This ancestral information stored in the nahuales can be reprogrammed and corrected by making the adversity it causes disappear, turning it into a positive influence on our lives.

constelaciones familiares


One hour online session
65 euro
Complete study with online explanatory session
225 euro


There are special prices for Mexico, Central and South American countries.To find out more, contact me through:

Data to prepare it


Research the dates of birth and eventual death of parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Look for important dates in family history. Emphasize the dates of death of children. Especially your date and time of birth is needed.

In what format do I receive it?


If you decide for theShort Family MatrixWe will work on any present problem with the data you offer us. The session will be recorded.

If you decide for theComplete Family MatrixYou have to wait two weeks for us to do your study and then we will do the reading in a session that is recorded.

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