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"Learning to elaborate and interpret themayan cross It will help you discover your true powers, your potential life project, the ways to develop it and succeed in its materialization.You will also be able to help others in the various areas of their lives: work, relationships, health and spirituality..."

Five spirits guide you...


One gives you the virtues that will make you a true human being.

Another will help you discover the purpose of your existence.

A third pushes you to grow, mature and bear fruit.

There is another who knows the keys to your success.

The latter materializes your goals.

In this course I am going to introduce you to the five nahuales that govern your Mayan Cross and their assistants.


They are the spirits that the Creator and Maker uses as a means to guide you along the White Path. 

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- Basic concepts: What is the Mayan Cross? How can it help you? What is it based on?

-  The five spirits that guide you. 

-  Learning to calculate and make a Mayan Cross.

- Interpretation of the thirteen sacred numbers.

- Interpretation of the twenty sacred names.

- Ritual connection with the nahuales of your Mayan Cross.




Voluntary Donation

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Juan Carlos Romeradirects theMayan Ancestral Wisdom Schooland is president of AKE. Association whose objective is to support the education of Mayan K'iche' children, as well as to promote research and dissemination of the spiritual culture of this people. IsAjq'ij, a word that defines a shaman-priest in the Mayan traditions of the Guatemalan highlands and, therefore, an expert in the use ofsacred calendar.

Do you want to know more about this exciting course? You can contact me:

telephone +34 600 39 07 23

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