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The Sacred Fire Ceremony is the most powerful work within the Mayan Spiritual Tradition. Excellent for health, relationship and family issues, financial issues, and spiritual growth. Experience the power of a true Sacred Fire Ceremony and change the course of your life. 

Next Ceremony 2 IQ'
March 21, 2023



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Welcome to the presentation of the Sacred Fire Ceremony for the Equinox of 2 IQ', next day March 21. Let me remind you that the Sacred Fire Ceremony is the central practice in the Mayan Ancestral Tradition. Through it you connect with the spiritual forces that help you achieve fulfillment and well-being in any area of your life.

This is a ceremony to TUNE BODY AND MIND WITH THE HARMONY OF NATURE. What does this mean?the equinoxIt is not just an astronomical phenomenon. All of nature participates in the balance between light and darkness.You too. We'll tune into this balancing power in a day2 IQ': prepare to receive the vibratory medicine of the Spirit.


a) Heal your mind in silence.


b) Fill your heart with harmony.

c) Breathe deep peace.

The rest will be done by the Sacred Fire,medicine that will heal your personal expression, will free you from the chains of limiting beliefs and fears. You will begin to think, speak and act in a healthy and fluent way.


Sign up for the ceremony.You will receive the information you need toconnect with the energy released during the equinox ceremony at 2 IQ'.


La ceremonia es grabada y enviada a los participantes el mismo día en el que se realiza. Todos los inscritos serán nombrados y sus peticiones colocadas en el Sagrado Fuego. Una vez que recibas la grabación es aconsejable asistir como si se tratara de una meditación guiada. Esto te pondrá en contacto con la energía liberada durante el trabajo en una manera profunda. También puedes optar por no asistir a la grabación. De cualquier manera el trabajo estará hecho y tu solicitud entregada al Nahual del Día.


To participate you just have tosign upthrough the form that you will find below. Once registered I will contact you to tell you the details.


ANDA conscious donation is required.

Consider the value that this ceremony brings you

and make your donation consistent with your reality.

Fire Ceremony with the Ajq'ij

Juan Carlos Romera


Juan Carlos Romerait's aAjq'ijborn in Guatemala He was initiated into the Art of the Sacred Fire Ceremony and the Science of the Calendar by a member of the Guatemalan Council of Mayan Elders. From his hand you will be able to know and benefit from this powerful ancestral rite.

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