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About the name and the glyph

Some incorrectly translate it as "crocodile". But it is not an erroneous term, because in the Nahuatl language the nahual IMOX is known as "cipactli" which is the name of said animal. But in truth  IMOX is similar to the Yucatecan IMIX and probably derives from there. IMIX is an "esoteric name for the ceiba", as indicated by an old dictionary. Her glyph is a "water lily".

Like power of divinity


They are the "primordial waters" that appear in the Popol Wuj narrative. These are a symbol of the "spiritual energy" from which the visible universe emerges. The cited text says that the Majestic Serpent Quetzal rests in that sea of creative energy or ocean of potential life. When activated by the divine will, personalized by Corazón del Cielo, both generate the image of creation, the primordial image of the world.


It is said that the nature of the divine duality is of "great thinkers" or in other words: it is wisdom in its purest state. Therefore, the force represented in IMOX does not consist of an inert substance. It is not a blind or chaotic power. It is a passive, calm and receptive Spiritual Energy Matrix in which Divine Intelligence is present. Always willing to create according to a defined guideline. Therefore, it can be said that IMOX contains the finished prototypes of everything that has to manifest and materialize in the material world.

As power in the human personality

It refers to the power of imagination in its highest sense. When the imagination tunes in with the perfect human prototype, already created and formed in the Spiritual Energy Matrix, we become at that moment transmitters of a higher and sacred creativity. We become participants in the divine plan. Otherwise, our imagination disconnected from the prototype that gives rise to us will lead us to generate a distorted mental image of ourselves, which unbalances our personality and leads us to some kind of "madness".  This is how we generate an "artificial self", symbolized in the Popol Wuj by 7 Macaws.


Like power in nature

In nature it appears as the originality that is perceived in every thing and creature. The material cosmos, from a star to a small flower, has its root in the mysterious and deep "waters" of the Spirit. There reside eternally the prototype of all the stars, that of all the flowers and thus of each thing or creature. The world is the precious lily that springs from the Spiritual Energy Matrix. The crocodile is related to this nahual because it not only inhabits aqueous media. This animal emerges from the waters and is a metaphor for heavy matter as rising and being sustained in the "primordial waters". The essence of IMOX resonates especially with rivers, their sources, lagoons and lakes.

Characteristics of a person born IMOX

Imaginative, creative, sensitive and adaptable. They have the power to materialize something original and unusual. Being calm at the same time they are territorial when it comes to protecting their work. They see the world as a place where they can create and invent something that is still missing. They carry out visionary and regenerative projects. They are stimulated by what is beautiful and elevated. They are successful when they work in the service of the community. With detachment and delivery. They come to leave a work that lasts over time.

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