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About the name and the glyph

AQ'AB'AL translates as 'dawn', 'the moment of dawn that immediately precedes the light'. AK'BAL in Yucatec literally means "night". AK'BAL NA is translated as “hell”, in the sense of the Mesoamerican thought “underworld”. In Nahuatl it is CALI, "house". The glyph represents the lateral of a snake

Like power of divinity


In the realm of the sacred and divine it represents the hidden space, the dimension veiled from our perception, dimensionless and timeless where the Creators-Formers conceive creation. The Popol Wuj defines it as a state in which there is nothing, only silence and darkness, as well as creative potential energy. It is a portal to the mysteries of Xibalbá, the "beyond".

As power in the human personality

Es the subconscious phase of the mind, the involuntary aspect of mental and physical functions. In its mysterious depth underly the spiritual patterns that have to direct our lives and circumstances towards human success. All our memories are also there, as well as everything about ourselves that we do not want to see or feel. 


Like power in nature

It is presented as the mystery behind every thing and creature. What is in the depths of each stone, plant, animal and human being. It is the mystery of the unfathomable night sky, with its moon and its stars. His spirit is in the night, the caves and in the animals that inhabit it.

Characteristics of a person born IQ'

They are deep. They keep a lot inside: riches or misfortunes. Kind hearted and welcoming. They have the power to generate something innovative and hopeful. They see the world as a place that has a lot of potential.


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